Devinsupertramp is one of the most successful YouTube channels. Today, Devin Graham shares his journey with us for going from ZERO to 6 million subscribers!

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From ZERO Subscribers to 6 Million on YouTube with Devin Graham:

We are talking about how Devin Graham from DevinSuperTramp went from zero subscribers on YouTube to 6 million!

First, let’s talk about what DevinSuperTramp means: 
Devin is from my name. Supertramp is from a book called “Into The Wild”. In the book the main character is traveling and wandering the wilderness, he calls himself a Supertramp. So that part of the name is paying homage to him.

Do you have any tips for turning a hobby into an actual career? ?

Don’t wait until you are out of college to start what you want to do. Start it as soon as you can. Always be pursuing your passion on the side.
You have to put in 10,000 hours. Become an expert at it. You have to stand out. What makes you different? You have to work harder than anyone else.

Did you make money right away with extreme sports YouTube videos?

In the first 10 years, only 5% of the products were paid. I worked for the best of the best for free to learn as much as I could. We always strive to keep our passion the number 1 thing, not a paycheck. In the beginning, we just borrowed a friend’s camera and made it work. ?

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Do you spend a lot of time working on YouTube analytics? ?

We track the algorithm and see how fast people are clicking and where they are coming from. Looking to see how the thumbnail and the description are working. We are always looking at trends. But sometimes we just make videos because we are passionate about it and we don’t focus on the analytics

How have you been able to get the bigger companies and brands to notice you and want to work with you?

We’ve never gone out on our own to get them. We’ve always just focused on creating something with the hopes that someone will see it attached to their brands. I wanted to work with Nintendo so we created a Mario Cart video and we funded it ourselves and then Nintendo saw that and asked up to make more content for our channel and for theirs as well.

If you’re just getting started what would you recommend for them to do?

In my early videos, I would post the content and send it to other websites. That works sometimes. Collaboration can really help. Whenever you can offer someone or a company something that they can’t create on their own.

How do you deal with internet trolls and bad feedback? ?

Out of the 10 years on YouTube. Hate came from the beginning and it has only gotten worse. It does take a hit on you but with that said It doesn’t hit you as hard when you realize that they are just doing it to do it. Sometimes I’ll leave a comment back saying thank you for the feedback and then they apologize for the mean comment. If you know they watched it and genuinely care about you, take the feedback but Sometimes you just have to ignore it.

One last piece of advice:

For me, the biggest thing is if you decide to do it, it will suck up your life so make sure that you are passionate about it! People will stay true to the content and brand that you created so make sure that you are set on it and you can stay loyal to the brand that you have created.

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