Teleportation is something that when I was growing up we only saw or talked about in movies. However, through all of the advancements in technology and science; we’re getting closer and closer to teleportation becoming a real thing.

Now I know the question that you want to ask me right now:

Do you believe that teleportation will ever be possible?

My answer is yes. I do believe that teleportation will be possible. But, not in the way that you’re likely thinking.

I’m sure that when you think of teleportation your brain immediately thinks teleporting a human. (Thanks Startrek!) No matter how advanced technology gets, teleporting a living human will never be possible. I’ll explain more further into this post.

On the flip-side, teleportation will be possible for non-organic materials. Again, not the way that you’re thinking. You won’t throw something into a beam of light that moves it somewhere else.

Instead it will be more like a 3D scanner and 3D printer that works almost instantaneously. So you won’t physically move a product, you’ll create a carbon copy of it.

It will be more like a “manufactured to order” another words, you want to purchase a new mug; it will just get manufactured right in your home in a very short period of time. I could see Amazon creating a service like this for future Prime subscribers.

Now back to teleporting a human…

The reason this will never be possible is the same reason that I mentioned in my previous post about artificial inelegance. (Link below) The human soul has no physical location. There is no way to move it from one place to another because it cannot be located. Even if you could come up with a way to break down the organic material that humanity is made from, when you reconstruct it, there will be no life. Crazy huh? If you want a more scientific explanation, this one is pretty good.

Read the post here: Is Google’s New AI “AutoML” Actually Skynet?

So back to answering my question. Yes, I do believe teleportation will be real one day. However, it will not be for humans and it will not be what we’ve seen in movies. I’ll be cool, but boring compared to our high expectations!