Looking for more exposure for your product or service? Start being a guest on podcasts! Jessica Rhodes shows us that podcast guesting is the #1 marketing tactic in 2020.

Why You Should be a Guest on Podcasts with Jessica Rhodes:

Is being on a podcast the best way to promote your product or service?

It is a great way to promote their product service or brand, but they need to get a full scope of how they can use podcasting in general to promote their brand. You can be podcasting as a host or you can be podcasting as a guest. If you want to guest on a podcast focus on the mid-range shows. ? The audience on these will be anywhere from a couple hundred listeners to a couple thousand listeners.

Start out as a guest on smaller podcasts so you can get your feet wet and become a good speaker and interviewee on a podcast. Sharpen your skills before you get on that main stage!

What are some ways that you’ve been able to train people to become a better podcast guest?

Your expert topics are what you should be talking about based on the show. You need to be able to talk about your expertise for a long time and still be excited about it at the end of the day.

Speaking slower and allowing pauses and not saying um or whatever your crutch word is. Embrace the pause and give your listener a chance to digest what you are saying. ?

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What is the best way to pitch to be on a podcast?

Likely an email but it helps if you can get connected to a host on social media, so you don’t get lost in an inbox. People are typically checking their social media messages multiple times a day and they get a notification on their phone. Find out which social media they are most active on and begin to build a relationship. Get to know them, listen to their show.

What other tactics can we use to pitch to be a guest on a podcast?

You really want to have a one-sheet – a one-page pdf with your photo and logo, bio, interview topics & questions and all of the relevant information that you would want a host to have. Make sure your bio is in the third person.

“As a guest, your number 1 job is to add value to the listener and make the host’s job easy.” ?

How do you convert sales after you are booked on a podcast?

#1 Know who your target audience is.
#2 Give 1 clear call to action, a confused mind says no. They won’t know what to do. Make sure your business is simple. Simplify your call to action.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see entrepreneurs make when starting out as a guest?

They see it as a quick test strategy, but it takes time. You have to go all in. Sometimes it takes a listener a few months or a year to contact you and be ready for your product or service.

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