We all have habits. It’s one thing each of us has in common. Some people have bad habits, but they still have habits. If you want to lead well, you need to develop healthy habits that lead to success. Andy Uprichard will show you how.

Why Developing Habits Matters for Every Leader with Andy Uprichard



Andy Uprichard was born and raised in Northern Ireland. He played soccer ⚽ at a professional level and went to school for teaching/education. He ended college 13th most qualified teacher in Northern Ireland.

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After getting married, he ? and his wife ? moved to Florida, and he got a job as a pastor. Then moved on to become a principal of a private Christian school. Andy succeeded as a principal and was promoted to vice president of the entire organization. Since Andy became the VP, they have become a higher ranked school in Florida.

Andy’s ability to lead well is due to his habits that he has developed; they’ve helped keep him on track and growing.

About Andy Uprichard:

Andy is the vice president of CES Schools. He creates academic content and curriculum for more than ten schools.

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