Ever since I got into the podcasting game, please have asked me, “Alex, which podcast hosting should I use?” I love this question because it tells me that the person asking it is serious. Also, I have the only right answer for you. 🥇 And today is your lucky day, because I’m going to give you the answer right now! Buzzsprout is the podcast hosting that you should use. I’ll explain why and share my Buzzsprout review with you throughout this post.

If you’re already sold and ready to sign up with Buzzsprout, then this review worked! I have a special offer for you, if you sign up using my link, here, you’ll get a $20.00 Amazon gift card from them and a discount. Enjoy!

I remember when I first started searching for a podcast hosting. I had no idea where to begin. Since then, I’ve tried a bunch of podcast hosting platforms and found that many of them are outdated, unreliable, or even lacking essential features. Then finally, I found the best of the best.

When I say that there’s only right answer for who to choose as your podcast hosting, I mean it! I’ve tried all of the major podcast hosting providers. None compare to Buzzsprout!

When it comes to picking a podcast hosting providers, the only company I recommend is Buzzsprout. With that said, here is my ‘official’ Buzzsprout review:

Official Buzzsprout Review from Creating a Brand

My favorite part is that it’s completely free to get started. In fact, when you do start paying, if you used this link to create your Buzzsprout account, they will send you a $20.00 Amazon gift card; and who doesn’t want that???

Now, to answer the big question.

Why is Buzzsprout the best podcast hosting provider?

Simply put, they are the most modern, clean, and innovative. In addition, here are my six favorite reasons for using Buzzsprout. Consider this Creating a Brand’s official Buzzsprout review! 👇

#1. Buzzsprout is devoted to education.

Buzzsprout will teach you everything you need to know (for free) about launching and growing a successful podcast. They are there for you every step of the way. I only work with companies that offer education and care about the success of their customers… Buzzsprout is the golden standard.

A picture of the Buzzsprout Blog with a video on it and categories

Want proof? Here’s an interview I did with two of the staff members on my podcast: Everything You Need to Know About Podcasting with Alban Brooke and Travis Albritton from Buzzsprout

#2. Buzzsprout has the “most accurate” analytics.

Podcasting is still in a primitive phase. Analytics and data tracking is still far behind. However, I can tell you after using five of the primary podcast hosting providers, Buzzsprout is the most accurate. They also make it easy to understand. And perhaps I’m the only one who finds analytics and data sexy, but they’ve got it figured out.  😍

#3. Buzzsprout is not overpriced.

You can get everything you need for an affordable monthly rate; you can see all of their prices, here. And, you only pay for the plan you need, which I really like. 👍

#4. Buzzsprout’s dashboard is simple and effective.

Some of the dashboards that other hosting providers offer are impossible to navigate. Buzzsprout once again is clean and straight to the point.

#5. Buzzsprout’s podcast website (RSS feed) is modern and clean.

No one has a better RSS podcast website included. Check mine out. If you’re just podcasting as a hobby and don’t want a full website for your podcast, this will work fine for you. Also, as an SEO expert, I can tell you their code is clean and it will help each episode rank on Google.

6. Buzzsprout’s “player” is the best.

Explore my website, you’ll see Buzzsprout’s player everywhere. It’s the best looking one on the market and easy to embed into your website.

Check mine out:

There you have it… My Buzzsprout review including the top six reasons that I enjoy working with them! Now on to the next big question that many people ask me:

When should I sign up for podcast hosting?

Right after you go through my completely free course (I don’t even want your email address) titled 9 Steps for a Successful Podcast Launch. (Click here to start the free course)

Click here to set up your Buzzsprout account and to get that $20.00 Amazon gift card from them! Buy some podcasting gear with the $$. 🤑