Do you want to start something in your life or business? In this episode, Chris Krimitsos tell us about the power of starting ugly, then perfecting it over time.

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What Starting Ugly Means And Why It Matters with Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos’s first rule to live by is “Start ugly and perfect it later.”

In his book ? “Start Ugly,” Chris gives us seven steps for getting started in an idea or business.

1. Identify an opportunity or a new way of doing things.
2. Research what you’re getting into. Set a time limit.
3. Create a minimal viable thing.
4. Commit to a launch date, make it public by telling people.
5. Start Ugly and launch.
6. Set check-in dates to assess.
a. If you determine you don’t like what you started, then stop.
b. If you love what you’re doing decide what your endeavor will become and set milestones accordingly.
7. Create systems and work towards perfect execution. – You must improve your product or service after you start ugly. Your start ugly is your baseline, you have to work towards perfect execution.

The 6th step once gave a man at a conference the boost and approval he needed to shut down a successful business that he did not enjoy doing.

You are not a failure if you stop something that is successful. True failure is thinking about something but never putting into action.

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When is a minimal viable thing actually ready?
• Do some test marketing with social media. Don’t test with friends or family because they are not your customer and they may not tell the truth or give you an unbiased opinion.
• If it is service-based, create 1 product or service, not 100 different things. Just start with the one.

Any advice for the perfectionist entrepreneur?
• There is no such thing as a perfect launch. ✅
• The greatest business people and marketers in the world still have bugs and issues launching.
– Apple still does this today with their software updates.

What have you been thinking about starting?

Go through the 7 steps of starting ugly and get that thing you’ve been thinking about starting! ?


About Chris Krimitsos:

With a unique skill set programmed to stay out in front of rapid change, Chris Krimitsos – as a speaker, as a business leader, and as a source for growth – is empowering audiences toward better opportunities for succeeding in business in the 21st century.

Chris Krimitsos brings a unique perspective of success from both sides of an event. He understands the challenges of the organizer that needs to move an audience, having himself facilitated over 2,000 events that have brought together business owners, toward economic growth, under the umbrella of Tampa Bay Business Owners, which he founded in 2008. That success regionally was the springboard to launching a national event, Podfest Multimedia Expo.

Channeling that energy into creating a documentary, now he is making an impact globally. Under the CK Productions banner, as a filmmaker and producer, Chris Krimitsos successfully birthed The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary, which obtained worldwide distribution and theatrical screenings.

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