The future of connection online is not what you may think. It’s going to be created by niche online communities.

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The Future of Online Community and Why it Matters with Gina Bianchini

Throughout history, all progress ? has come through the collaboration of small groups of people that are going deep to master something interesting together. This is the definition of community.

The way things are today with big social media, this will no longer happen. The algorithm that big social media uses favors negativity and boosts it more than positivity. Because of this, we see a lot of negativity and hate in our feeds. As a result, we’re more isolated than ever before. It’s time for us to change this.

“History bends toward decentralization, the future of online community belongs to highly focused groups of people.”

The future of online community and connection is going to happen in niche communities, ?‍?‍?‍? not on big social media. If you’re looking to progress in your life and in a community, you have to move away from big social media. If what you’re doing is bringing people together to accomplish something together, things are going to get done!

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How can I build my own successful online community?

If you want to build a strong community, it has to be focused. If cannot be general. A niche doesn’t mean small, it means narrow. The more narrow-focused you are, the more you will succeed in being a community creator. (See resource link below)

How can you transition your following from big social media platforms to these smaller community platforms?

Social media builds followers or an audience – not a community. Big social media is your broadcast. Think of it as the top of your funnel. Community happens when people start talking together, not just watching one person. Keep in mind, communities may be difficult to get up and running, but once they do, it’s energizing! If you want it to grow faster, narrow your focus!

What does the future of online community ? look like in 5 years?

Each of us will be spending more time in small communities that are private and less time on big social media. It won’t be random messages; it will be a group of people taking on challenges together.

About Gina Bianchini:

Gina Bianchini is an entrepreneur and investor. She graduated from Stanford University in 1994 and has also been featured on the cover of Fortune magazine. She has worked closely with Marc Andreessen (Billionaire investor) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) but is now fully focused on developing Mighty Networks for creators.

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