David Meerman Scott tells us if you want to learn how to unleash the worlds most powerful marketing force for your business, you need to create fandom around your product or service.

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Unleashing the World’s Most Powerful Marketing Force with David Meerman Scott:

What is Fanocracy?

David Meerman Scott’s Fanocracy is an organization that inspires incredible passion for a brand or idea, by putting the customer’s needs above everything else. It’s the idea of true human connection. When an organization allows its fans to take over and rule, the organization behind it becomes so successful.

We’re going to go over a few chapters from David Meerman Scott’s book ? Fanocracy.

Chapter 4: To Get Closer Than Usual

What happens in our brains when we are together with like-minded people?
Edward T. Hall identified different degrees of proximity from human to human:
– Public Space is 20ft away or more – we don’t track them
– Social Space is 19ft to 4ft away – we pay attention and figure out if they are friends or foes
– Personal Space is inside 4ft. – cocktail party distance.
The closer you are to someone the more powerful emotions you will have. Mirror neurons are what fires when we see someone do something as if we are doing it our self. This explains why when you watch a sad movie you become sad. Or you may feel like you personally know a movie star only because you’ve seen them on a close screen.
These principles are why selfies perform better. It’s because they are taken within 4 ft.

Chapter 6: Give More Than You Have To

The more you give the more it has the potential to come back to you. When you are given a gift without any expectation of anything in return, you feel an obligation to the person that gave you that gift.
Most B to B companies don’t do this. When you do this as a company if makes people feel obligated and they want to give back to you! You give something away for free then you have opportunities for people to join your funnel or engage with you.

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Chapter 9: Break Down Barriers

How can you let your customers into your inner world in a way that shows them something and turns them into fans?
Like a restaurant that has a chef’s table where you can sit in the kitchen with the chefs and you can see your meal being prepared. This is a way that the restaurant has broken down a barrier and let the customer behind the scenes.
A small way to do this is by using real photos on a website instead of stock photos.

What do you say to people who are scared to show the behind the scenes?
All of us have something that we can share. Don’t give it all away but give them a peek behind the curtain. We want our customers to see as a human and not just a screen.

Chapter 13: A Passionate Life

“In order to ignite a spark in another, they must first ignite a spark in themselves.” ? – David Meerman Scott

I know this speaks to our inner passion but how does this relate to marketing and fanocracy?

Raiko coined the phrase “passion is infectious”. The idea here is that when you are passionate about something that passion is infectious! Showcasing what you are passionate about is a really powerful way to build fans. The more you can showcase who you are as a person in your personal life the better off you are.

The idea of tapping into fandom is not just for athletes, actors, singers. Any organization can build fans.

“The world has become cold in the digital world, but the fandom is the warm thing that we gravitate to.”

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What are some practical ways you can begin building fans around what you’re creating?