Do you know what your purpose is? I’ve wanted to write on the topic of purpose for a while now. I’m hearing more people talk about the idea of purpose than ever before. (Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve all had more time to self-reflect.) When you begin to self-reflect, the topic of purpose always comes up. The question we’re all asking is this: “How do you discover your purpose?”

Most people have no idea where to even begin with discovering their purpose, and that’s okay. I will admit it’s challenging to answer this question in the fast-paced world we live in.

I want to help you gain clarity about discovering your purpose today.

First off, I firmly believe that there are two most important things that you can do with your life. Number one discover your purpose. Number two, which is even more important, is to fulfill that discovered purpose.

Discovering a purpose without fulfillment is meaningless.

Thankfully, both discovering your purpose and fulfilling your purpose, both happen almost the same way. Today, I’m going to share two big ideas with you about how to discover and fulfill your purpose.

What I am about to share with you is content from my Daily3x7 framework that I share in my Productivity Masterclass. If you are serious about discovering your purpose and getting more of every day, considering enrolling in the masterclass.

Here are two big ideas for discovering your purpose:

#1. Stop doing the things that take you further from your purpose.

Although many of us may not know our purpose, we all know what is NOT our purpose. I could easily list off 100 things that each of us does every day to get us further from our purpose, but instead, I’m just going to mention the top two. Stop scrolling on your phone, and stop watching streaming services. (If you do these two things, you’ll find and fulfill your purpose much faster!)

#2. Replace your scrolling/streaming time with what adds value to others, and that you enjoy.

One of the beauties of life is that we can always add value to those around us, and we should do that. It’s crucial to find a way that you ENJOY to add value to others, then focusing in that area. This means, serve others in a way that you enjoy doing so. By doing this, you are operating in your natural ability, and then you make it about other people. Servanthood will give you a more joyful and fulfilled life and anything else that you can do!

BONUS: Journal your progress every day.

Write down what you did that you enjoyed, how you helped people, and what kept you from doing more. Did you see trends or problems that people had? Could you help solve that problem for someone tomorrow? Reflect, gain clarity on your life. Journaling is a form of reflection, and reflection leads to clarity, and clarity always leads to winning.

By implementing these two big ideas into your daily life, you’ll begin to discover your purpose like you never have before!

What is your next immediate action that will lead you closer to walking in your purpose?