Do you have a blog that you want to monetize? Here’s how to turn your blog into a profitable business!

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Turning Your Blog into a Profitable Business with Elaine Rau

This episode covers many questions on the topic of turning your blog into a business. Here a quick overview of the questions that Elaine Rau and I cover in this episode.

Is blogging dead? ☠

No. It’s still growing and still just starting to take off. What’s dying is GENERAL blogs. You have to be focused, you have to be specific, you have to be niche.

Should every business have a blog? (Even if they are focused on a product or service?)

Yes, this is your lead generator and your free educational element to your website. It’s very important because this will drive more people than your product ever will. (Organically)

What does it take to be a successful blogger? (What does it COST you?) ?

Becoming a successful blogger takes time, or money, or even both. (For Elaine, it took time. A lot of it. She wanted to quit at times, but reminded us all that it takes self-discipline and a determination to never give up on what you set out to do.)

Did you enroll in a course? Or get a coach? Where did you get help?

Worth its weight in gold. Get help, get a mentor, get coaching, read other blogs, get educated on what you’re doing and writing about.

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How do you make/find the time to write content? ?

Plan it accordingly, then delegate as much as you can. Find people to guest post. Get other authors to contribute on your blog. You cannot do it alone.

What are some ways to get more traffic to your blog?

Start by utilizing Pinterest. Create three high-quality pins for every piece of content you create, then tag it properly (and link it to your website) on Pinterest. It will earn you traffic to your website. That’s the quickest way. Another way is to focus on organic SEO ranking. (That’s an entirely different topic though)

What are some ways to monetize your blog? ?

Start with affiliate marketing. (Link below) Find products or services that you enjoy and actually use, then promote them. Use an affiliate marketing network to get started, as you grow, start reaching out to brands directly. What’s most important is staying true to what you believe in.

Final thoughts:

Always be trying new things. Find your direction – then go after it. Change it later but give it your all where you are today as you’re trying new things.

About Elaine Rau:

Elaine Rau, founder of has garnered a massive online audience of 170,000+ followers across all her social media channels in under 3 years. It’s an online platform and blog that helps entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow and scale their own online businesses. She loves getting out from behind her blog to speak at conferences and colleges about blogging, social media, and influencers. Elaine has been featured in 200+ magazines, books, and publications and is a lifestyle and travel influencer.

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