The Case for Podcasting in 2021 for Realtors

Beginning with the end in mind, we’re going to be answering the following question today, “As a realtor, how does podcasting benefit me?” Before I jump in to directly answering this question, I want to share with you the state of podcasting.

The State of Podcasting

Podcasting Stats:

  • Total Podcasts: 1.85 Million (Estimated total before March 2021)

  • Active Podcasts: 39% or 700k (Less than 40% of podcasts have posted an episode in the last 90 days)

  • Active Podcasts w/ 10+ Episodes: 387k (These are the only ‘real’ podcasts – Don’t count the rest)

(Stats provided by

Podcast Listenership:

  • 75% of Americans are now familiar with podcasting.
  • 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast.
  • Podcast listeners have grown by more than 40% in 3 years.

(Stats provided by Jay Baer at Convince and Convert. – I interviewed him, here.)

Podcasting Demographics:

  • 74% of podcast users listen to podcasts to learn something new.
  • On average, 45% of podcast listeners have a $250,000 annual household income.
  • 39% of small and medium-sized business owners listen to podcasts. About 65% of them listen to podcasts weekly.

(Stats provided by Edison Research, Music Oomph, and Forbes.)

What We Learn From The State of Podcasting:

  • Podcasting is not saturated.
  • Listenership is growing faster than shows are being created.
  • Podcast listeners want to learn, they have money, and they are business savvy.

Back to the question:
“As a realtor, how does podcasting benefit me?”

  • Podcasting sets you apart as an authority figure.
  • It serves as your free education element. Consumers do business with whoever provides them the most value.
  • You have the ability to repurpose content to all mediums.

EXAMPLE: I had Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets on my podcast. (Listen here) The entire time he was talking, he was speaking directly into his camera, after the episode, he has his team break it up into more than 10 different videos that he shared on his social media. Here’s one of them:


  • People do business with who they know, like, and trust. A problem that many realtors face is that they generally only earn new business from referrals. How podcasting helps with know, like, and trust:

When people hear you on podcasts, they feel like they know you.

People can then decide, based on what you share, if they like you or not.

Based on the consistency of your words and on how often you show up, people will begin to trust you.

(? I grew my SaaS startup, PodMatch, because 2,000 people that know, like, and trust me joined the platform immediately.)

  • Podcasting is more powerful than social media. On social media, you’re fighting for someone to stop scrolling, on podcasts, people want to hear what you have to say. Here are two questions to ask yourself that reinforce how powerful podcasting is:


Hey {insert your name}, I have a podcast host that wants you to come on their show. About 50 people will end up listening to the episode!

? Does that sound interesting to you? YES or NO


Hey {insert your name}, right on the other side of the wall behind you is a room full of 50 people that want to learn from you.

? Does that intrigue you? YES or NO

Podcasting is as powerful as you speaking directly to a room full of people. Social media has created a flawed sense of numbers. 1000 likes are not as powerful as 100 listeners. (We all ‘like’ things we don’t read.)

3 Ways to Leverage Podcasting

#1. Advertise on podcasts.
“More than half of US podcast listeners pay attention to the ads. Listeners are more likely to listen to ads on podcasts than on any other medium.” – Business Insider

More on advertising: How To Buy Host-Read Ads At-Scale

#2. Start your own podcast.
✔ Be prepared to spend 8 – 10 hours on each episode.
✔ Consider course style podcast episodes or seasons.
✔ Collaborate with others in your office, or even with your customers.
✔ Niche down – Find your exact tribe, speak only to them.

My friend, JLD (I interviewed him here) has a free podcast launch course and a podcasters community to help you grow.

#3. Be a guest on other people’s podcasts. (OPP)
Only appears a guest on shows that have your ideal audience.
➤ Check to see if hosts provide you with any cool repurposed content.
➤ Find ways to share new stories that your current audience would want to hear.
➤ Find ways to collaborate with past hosts that you’ve talked with, they may introduce you to someone later.
Want to start getting booked on shows? See below.


12 Steps for Being a Great Guest on Podcasts
(And How to Get Booked)

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