Learn how to get more accomplished while stressing less. These five steps from David Allen will teach you how to achieve stress-free productivity!

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity with David Allen:

David Allen created the “Getting Things Done” methodology and has been teaching it for over 20 years. And now he is sharing it with us! The Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology is how you create stress-free productivity; it consists of 5 steps: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, and Engage.

1. Capture:

Is about getting everything out of your head. You can only focus on four things at once. You need to write everything down and get everything out of your brain. ✍ If you don’t do this, your mind thinks that you need to get all these things done all of the time, and there is no difference for what is essential and what is not.

2. Clarify:

Go through each of the items that you wrote down. Are they actionable ideas? If it isn’t actionable, then it is either trash, reference material, or something to incubate. If it is actionable, what is the very next action that needs to be taken to move the needle on this? Will that one action finish this? If not, what is the project? Now you have action and outcome.
If something takes 2 minutes or less, then don’t write it down, just get it done. ✅

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3. Organize:

When you organize your thoughts, you create a systematic way to keep track of the commitments you just made. This system contains lists of what you need to get done. It is like a trusty external brain or list manager. ? You will have multiple lists once you implement this process.

4. Reflect:

An example of reflecting is when you look at your grocery list before and while you’re at the grocery store. ? Or looking at your calendar when you wake up in the morning. This is for daily reflection and annual. You reflect on your lists and remember what your goal and your purpose is. Once you have the content to reflect on, it doesn’t take much time to reflect on your lists.

“I would suggest a weekly review on your lists; most people say that this is the essence of GTD.” – David Allen

5. Engage:

Complete steps 1-4. Whatever you decide to do is then a trusted choice. This is how you achieve the art of stress-free productivity! ?


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