I’m going to start with a disclaimer. I found this very convicting. Once I discovered this #1 free way to easily get more people to see your content, my response was a resounding, “DUH, Alex, you idiot!”

Just kidding, I wasn’t that harsh with myself. But it is how I felt for a split second there.

If you’re not already in love with me, you’re about to be because I’m not going to wait until the end to give you the #1 free way to easily get more people to see your content. Here it is:

Share your content more than once, twice, or even three times.

Here’s the deal, you spend all of this time writing content, you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into it. THEN, the tragedy happens. You share it ONE TIME on social media. Hours of your life spent on creating something excellent for people; then you share it once.

You spend all of this time writing content, but then you spend very little time promoting it.

Most of us do exactly the same thing. We write our content, and then we share it on all major social media platforms like this:

“Hey everyone, I have a new blog post up! Here’s a link to check it out. Thank you!”

::Freaking Crickets::

Perhaps you get one like on it or a comment, and when it’s not your mom who leaves the comment telling you that you should call grandma, it’s worthy of celebration.

Here are five ways that explain the #1 free way to easily get more people to see your content:

#1. Work sharing your content into your social media calendar for the next 12 months. You should be sharing on ALL platforms, even if you don’t have a big audience on some. (Just automate these posts, if you don’t want to waste time.)

#2. Plan on sharing it at least 6 times over the next 12 months. If you produce lower amounts of content, share it monthly.

#3. Get creative with how and where you share your content. (More on this below.)

#4. If the content piece has the potential to drive revenue, consider spending (a little bit) on advertising to see if it converts to positive cash flow. – More on advertising from a friend, here.

#5. Be proud of what you’ve created. So proud that you want to make sure that everyone sees it. Remember, every time you share your content, very small percentages of your total audience see the content. To take that a step further, it’s unlikely that the same people will see the content next time you post it.

How to creatively share your content:

Jumping back to #3 above, ‘Get creative with how and where you share your content.’ This is very important. Don’t just share the same thing about your content each time. ‘Hey guys, I’m excited – Here’s the link again” NOPE. Do something more original. Below are a few ideas that I’ve used with my own content.

Here are 6 ways to share your content over a 12 month period of time:

  • Initial Post: “New post up! Check it out everyone.”
  • Second Post: “I’m getting a lot of great feedback on this, thank you so much everyone!”
  • Third Post: “Check out what (insert person’s name) said about this post. How cool!”
  • Forth Post: “I wanted to share a story about why I wrote this post (inert longer content about the WHY behind the WHAT) I hope you find this impactful!” (Include a picture of yourself)
  • Fifth Post: “Hey everyone! I am looking for feedback on this post. Can you read it and let me know if you find it helpful?”
  • Sixth Post: “One year ago, I posted this and it’s helped so many people. Not long ago, I asked for some feedback. I’ve made some updates to this that I believe you’ll find very impactful. Check it out!”

Some sharing hacks to keep in mind:

  • Get creative with the link: Don’t always share the link directly in the main post, sometimes put it in the comments or don’t link to it at all, just talk about where people can find it. Content that keeps people on social platforms gets shown to more people.
  • Don’t ask for likes, comments, or shares: There are penalties for asking for engagement on all social media platforms.
  • End with a question: Get people to comment, then respond to ALL of them.
  • Tag People: When you’re commenting or talking about the post, tag people who helped you or may know something about the topic. Tagging people drives engagement.

Here’s my final thought on this topic…

HOW WAS I NOT DOING THIS SOONER??? Perhaps you’re smarter than me and have already been sharing content multiple times on all social media platforms. If that’s the case, good for you, bro. But for me, discovering this #1 way to easily get more people to see your content was an eye opener. Since I’ve implemented this, ALL of my stats have increased.