DailyPS' Success Story

“Thanks to the Creating a Brand Community, our blog readership increased by 75% without us spending any additional time or money! Being part of this community has made a huge impact on our brand.”
DailyPS.com Leadership Team

About DailyPS and Why They're Here

DailyPS is a multi-author Christian blog focused on sharing content that spreads love and encouragement. DailyPS has over 1,500 blog posts written by over 100 authors. DailyPS joined the Creating a Brand Community because they were having problems growing their following and finding their identity as a brand.

What the Creating a Brand Community helped DailyPS Accomplish

Social Media Strategy

Members of our community freely helped DailyPS establish and organize their social media content through a creative post template which was easily recognized by their followers. Based on a community member recommendation, DailyPS also incorporated a automated posting schedule which increased their engagement.

Website Layout

DailyPS originally had a complex WordPress theme. (More of a magazine feel) But, their blog strategy and content itself was very simple and engaging. There was no need for all of the "extra." Through a free consulting session with a community member, DailyPS simplified their layout and brought it up to 2019 standards.

Accelerated Team Growth

DailyPS is 100% volunteer based. Not even the leadership team is paid. With that said, their biggest struggle was finding new authors who wanted to write. Members of the community helped DailyPS spread the word about looking for more authors. Also, one of the marketing experts in the community created a strong call to action for people to use to submit blog posts. As a result, DailyPS now has plenty of writers.

Other Ways The Creating a Brand Community Helped

DailyPS accomplished this by being a member of our community Join Now!
  1. Increased Brand Recognition

    Through SEO, site quality and social media strategy, DailyPS is receiving more organic traffic.

  2. Globally Ranked Blog

    DailyPS received a ranking as a top 100 Christian blog worldwide by one of the top website rating companies.

  3. All Goals Reached

    As a result, the Creating a Brand Community was able to help DailyPS reach their 2018 targets/goals.

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