Before I share my answer to “Should you start a blog”, I want to share a stat from Did you know that on alone there are over 2000 blog posts per minute? That is a lot of content and a lot of noise!

Here are my three answers to the question, “Should you start a blog?”

#1. If you already have a blog but wanted to hear what I have to say:

Some listeners to this will probably already have a blog. If you just wanted to hear my response, then great! If you’re feeling discouraged or are experiencing lack of motivation. I encourage you to press on and continue moving forward with your blog! Most blogs do not receive much traction within the first year, and the majority of them do not last longer than that. But if you continue pressing on, in time, you will see traction.

#2. If you’re an individual wanting to start a personal blog:

My initial response is NO. Not what you expected from a blogger, right? There are so many blogs out there. Before just starting another blog, see if you can collaborate with someone else first. See if you can join a multi author blog that is focused on the same topic you want to cover.

#3. If you have a company, product or brand and are considering creating a blog:

If you have a product, service or simply an item for sale, the answer is 100% YES. You need a blog. First off, having a blog will bring additional traffic to your website; people who won’t just go straight to your product. Also, it lets you share your passion and that expands your creativity. Let people see that with the posts you develop! Be sure to have a strong call to action that leads people to purchase your product.

Closing Thoughts:

  1. Set some goals for your blog – How many posts per week or month? How many subscribers by the end of the year?
  2. Write your mission and vision for the blog – Keep this in front of you! Review it regularly to keep yourself motivated.