Resolutions don’t work, goals without a plan are just dreams. In this episode, Paul Tompkins teaches us how to set achievable goals and how to think bigger when setting goals.

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Setting Goals And Thinking Bigger For Your Life And Business with Paul Tompkins



1. What is your day to day action that gets you closer to your lifelong goals/ purpose? ?

• You cannot start these goals by thinking of how you’re going to do it. Just figure out what you’re called to do and what you want to do, set it, write it down. Then you can break it down and figure out how to make it happen. Once you have the destination figured out, then you can figure out the how. This is what causes deeper thinking and world-changing moves.

• Mindset – have an uplifting mindset. Go into your goals with a positive outlook. Instead of thinking “I’m losing weight because I’m fat or I look bad etc.” Say/think “I’m losing weight because I feel better when I’m healthier, I have more energy, I feel more vibrant in the morning.”

2. How do you discover your goals and purpose and vision for your life? ?

• You have to get away from everything. Step back from all the excuses of work is too busy, family life is too busy. Take a few hours or days and get away by yourself. Go somewhere that you can sit in quiet and be inspired. Really think about if you are going in the direction that you feel called to go.

• Step back and focus on what you are called to do. – Don’t just rely on what other people have told you that you are good at. Dig deep and figure out what you want.

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3. How can we practically make 2020 a year of high achievement? ?

• When your mindset is on the destiny and not the task, it will keep your tasks more fun and easier to do. You must have the right mindset!

• Friendly goals are key. I used to put too many goals on my checklist and it just made me busy.

• Get accountability for your goals.
– Have someone meet you at the gym
– Have someone call and check on you and make sure that you are still on task.

• Visualize your future. Actually picture yourself in your future. ?

• Use a daily planner – it gets your organized and helps you to be more productive with your time. This brings discipline and accountability. Write your destiny at the top of your daily planner. Make sure that each task or micro goal leads to that destiny/end goal.

Final thoughts: Whatever you think your dream is – multiply it, make it bigger. Write that new goal down.
Think bigger for your life and your business!

About Paul Tompkins:

Paul Tompkins is the CEO of Flippin Experts and Tranquility Realty, is a successful entrepreneur, Real Estate investor, speaker, and coach. He understands how difficult and confusing it can be to get started in real estate!! Paul used his many years of experience that allowed him to quickly build a 7 figure real estate business to create The Flippin Experts Online Training Course.

Paul’s passion is to see YOU succeed in real estate and he knows his secrets to success will fast track you to achieving your goals so you can have the financial success you desire.

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What goals have you set for your life? Are they big enough?