10 Things You Need
to Know About SEO

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The beginners guide to understanding Search Engine Optimization

An overview of the 10 most important search engine ranking factors that anyone can apply to their website/business.

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Learn which keywords to use

Along with how to use them and where to put them on your website. Keywords can be tricky; this eBook will bring some clarification and offer some great leads.

Understand the effects speed, security and mobile

Your overall ranking on search engines is effected by these things. Implementing simple changes will improve your websites ranking.

Content is king – use it

How do you use this “king” to position you for better SEO scores? We’ll explain some simple, actionable steps that anyone can take to improve content.

[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Clock-Back”]Quick and Easy to Read
With only 20 short pages, this eBook was written to be understood by any reader.[/stack_cards]
[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”stack-publish”]Designed for Implementation
Each of the 10 points are all easy to apply to your website with minimal technical knowledge.[/stack_cards]
[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”socicon-gamejolt”]Expect Quick Results
You’ll notice a difference almost immediately following implementation![/stack_cards]

“Finally! This is the first book that made SEO simple for me. I’m already seeing some great results from the changes I’ve made!”

Alecia Nicole
Partner, Jane Doe Boutique

“I have been able to make practical changes after reading this SEO book. It is an easy read and implementing the changes were even easier. You’ll see positive results immediately!”

Virginia DePratter
Owner, DePratter Construction Group