“I’m not constantly searching online job ads. And I feel comfortable enough with my finances that I can finally breathe.” – Claire Emerson

Claire is one those that dreamed of being self-employed and actually made it happen. (Check out this related post, Alex Sanfilippo Featured In The Florida Times Union and Jacksonville.com)

How did Claire do it?

In her recent post on, CopyBlogger, titled, 5 Key Moves to Help You Become Gainfully Self-Employed Claire shares the following 5 key moves:

  • Key Move #1: Self-directed learning
  • Key Move #2: Relationship building
  • Key Move #3: Guest blogging
  • Key Move #4: Personal Kanban
  • Key Move #5: Develop a support system

This is a post that you’re going to want to read through; multiple times. It’s full of wisdom that each of us can learn and grow from.

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