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If you’re here, you’ve been accepted and (or) requested as a guest for one of the four below options within Creating a Brand. Please click on the interview option that you have been predetermined to be a guest on. You also should have received the password from Alex Sanfilippo to access the page.

Guesting Options with CAB:

Live Clubhouse Room Interview + Q&A

Live Topical Masterclass + Q&A via Zoom

Creating a Brand Short Success Stories Segment

Professional Podcaster SOP Walkthrough

Creating a Brand Podcast Episode (Fully Booked)


Thank you in advance for being featured as a guest with the Creating a Brand Network!


…While you’re here, be sure to listen to this podcast episode: Why Entrepreneurs Need to Always Be Giving with Jordan Harbinger. It’s a great reminder of why we serve the world together. Thank you for all you do! 💜