What if you could convey everything of value about your business, product, or service, clearly, concisely, and accurately in three minutes or less? Today Brant Pinvidic teaches us that we don’t spend days and weeks developing elaborate presentations and spend hours explaining what we do to potential investors, partners, or clients. It only takes 3 minutes.

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Saying Less to Get More from Your Next Pitch with Brant Pinvidic:

What is Brant Pinvidic’s 3-minute rule: ⚂

Everything of value about your business product or service must be conveyed clearly concisely and accurately in 3 minutes or less. You have to be able to capture and maintain your audience’s engagement throughout those 3 minutes.

Your only goal in pitching or presenting is you are trying to convert your knowledge into their understanding. If they see the same value they will be far more likely to take the next step.

This is not an elevator pitch. Elevator pitches turned into a big promotional promise to get someone’s attention. This doesn’t work in today’s world. When promises are made the audience automatically feels that you are not trustworthy and they are trying to tear holes into your promise the whole time you are talking.

Brant Pinvidic began to follow this model when pitching show ideas in Hollywood:  ?‍??‍?

Here is what it is
Here is how it works
Here is why it is good for you
Here is how we are going to do it.

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When you use fewer words, you instill confidence in others, with the confidence that you feel about the information.
When you simplify information and speak with fewer words it cuts through the clutter and they will hear you louder than any other presentation. ?

“The value that you believe you bring to others is directly proportioned to the number of words that you use.”

How do you begin to build your 3-minute pitch:

1. Break your idea down using 1 – 2 words on post-its.
You end up with 30 or 40 words. This forces you to simplify.

2. Categorize the post-its
This helps you create statements of value.

Why should we use the negative? ?

Whatever you can think of as why someone would say no or what question you think they will ask is what you need to work into the pitch so that you can effectively deal with that question. You want to get it out front so that they don’t think that you are hiding something from them.

Brant Pinvidic’s final thought: ?

You don’t have to try so hard. Stop talking.
Don’t be the guy who is trying to hard to make the pitch work.

Simplicity = Effectiveness

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How far along are you in creating your 3-minute pitch?