Most people who create their own website do not understanding reliable website hosting. They find the bargain website hosting plan for $2.99/month! Wow! That’s an amazing price. What a steal verses Alex Sanfilippo‘s $15.00/month hosting package.

My Personal Experience with Hosting

When I first started blogging in 2012, I signed up for bargain website hosting instead of reliable website hosting. It was cheap, and I didn’t want to over-commit. This ended up becoming a nightmare for me! Not long after I launched my website. I had a lot of visitors and traction. As a result of using bargain website hosting, I received many complaints on slow load times. People also informing me that my website was down. If I could go back, I would have started with reliable website hosting.

There is a dramatic difference between bargain website hosting and reliable website hosting.

I always like to use the example of reliable website hosting being like the foundation of a house. Your website (house) sits on top of your hosting (foundation). If you end up using bargain website hosting, you’ll end up potentially having a website crash. In today’s world, this isn’t super common, but it does still happen.

You must also take into consideration website speeds. Bargain hosting is often on large shared servers. That’s how they get the price so low. But, because you are on a shared server, all the websites on the same server are splitting resources. If multiple websites start gaining traction and experiencing a spike in traffic, performance is going begin lacking for all websites on that same server.

My recommendation for reliable website hosting: I have been working exclusively with them for about 6 months now. They are the best of the best. You won’t find better customer support or quality in the industry!

With reliable website hosting you are paying more, but sharing the resources with less websites or even no other website. This ensures that your website is going to run at top performance all the time.

Pros and cons of reliable website hosting:

Pros of reliable website hosting:

  1. Your website / content will potentially rank higher on Google.
  2. Your website will have minimal downtime and a much lower chance of crashing.
  3. You will receive high quality support / customer service.
  4. Your website will load much faster which will keep more visitors on your website.

Cons of reliable website hosting:

  1. It will cost you more per month.
  2. Less flexibility on pricing options and plans.

Pros and cons of bargain website hosting:

Pros of bargain website hosting:

  1. It’s very affordable.
  2. They have many options available as you grow.

Cons of bargain website hosting:

  1. It’s normally slow and causes website downtime.
  2. Some bargain hosts will lock you into a contract that is difficult to get out of.
  3. Support / customer service is poor or nonexistent.
  4. They often charge for any customization or extra services and features.
If you only learn one thing from this post, let it be this: You get what you pay for when it comes to website hosting. You can either pay less for bargain website hosting, or pay more for reliable website hosting.