Has anyone recommended a book to you? Me too. At least twice per week, someone is recommending a new book to me. I love to read and take recommendations seriously, and I do pick up 52 books every year. ? However, there’s no way I can read more than that. And that’s where I’m writing this today – I found a book reading service called ReadItFor.Me that has helped me overcome this problem! With that said, this post is my review for ReadItFor.Me. ?

ReadItFor.Me Discount and ReadItFor.Me Review

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You may be asking, “Alex, why do you read so much?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that leaders are readers. People who write books are leaders. Many of them have put years of growth and development into these books. If I can take a few hours to learn what took someone a lifetime to learn, that’s a huge win! I’m a firm believer that you can live for ten years but only grow by one year during that time. But I also believe the opposite is possible. Every year, I want to grow at a pace that takes others ten years to reach the same growth level.

Readers are Leaders quote explaining the book summary service, ReadItFor.Me

My ReadItFor.Me Review (The Best Book Summary Service):

Two years ago, I had no idea that book summary websites existed. One day, I received an email in my inbox. It was from Steve Cunningham, the CEO of ReadItFor.Me. He had read one of my articles and thought I’d be the type of person interested in ReadItFor.me.

Steve was right. I instantly fell in love. I could now get the best of a book in 12 minutes??? No way! ?

ReadItFor.Me main page

As soon as I signed up for ReadItFor.Me, I wanted to put it to the test. I wanted to make sure that Steve was doing an excellent job with these book summaries. So, I busted out my notebook (AKA my captains log) and looked back at Notes from Books that I had read, front to back, on real paper, yes, that is still a thing. ?

I found three titles that I had previously read, that Steve on ReadItFor.Me, I had also covered. So, I did made side-by-side comparison. I busted out my notes and hit the play button on ReadItFor.Me.

ReadItFor.Me on the iPhone

I was in shock! Steve pulled out almost Word for Word some of my notes from each of these three titles.

At this moment, I was sold. If I was spending an entire month reading a book, to pull out the same notes that Steve pulls out and shares within 12 minutes, I knew that I had a new way to gather information and wisdom from Books.

Not only this, but I also discovered how successful people learn. I had the opportunity to interview Steve on my podcast. Here is a link to the episode that we recorded together. I learned a fascinating truth about how successful people learn, how they read, how they attend conferences, and how they turn their new wisdom and knowledge into success. ?

How my perspective on reading has changed

Now when I read a book, I am just looking to pull one thing out of it, but I can immediately implement and begin making a change in my life or business. I do highly encourage you to listen to this podcast episode; it will change your perspective on education and learning.

Listen to me interviewing Steve: How Millionaires Learn, Grow and Achieve More with Steve Cunningham

How Millionaires Learn, Grow and Achieve More with Steve Cunningham

I want to share one more thing with you about how I use ReadItFor.Me. It would be easy for me to listen to each book that Steve reads one time and then move onto the next title. However, he shares so much high-level information that it is hard to capture all of the wisdom/information by listening to it once. So when I started to do, I pick one title every month, and I let it read to me during my commute to work every single morning. This means I listen to a book by Steve, 20 times in a row.

What does this do for me?

After listening to about 20 times, I have its major principles memorized. After listening to something 20 times, I know how to implement it into my life. This has been hugely helpful for me, as now I can implement practices into my life at an accelerated rate. (I’m all about accelerated success!)

Here’s my strategy. I pick one book a month, and I’ll listen to it every day on the way to work. Some of my friends have gotten mad about it. But, I knew just as much as they did about a book and they took an entire month to read it one time, in the same amount of time, I am able to memorize and implement all of the critical points. (#Winning!)

Here’s a quick video explaining more about how I use this book summary service:

I asked Steve if I could offer you something exclusive to you in this blog post. ?

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In closing, I want to mention that I am a paying customer of ReadItFor.Me. I wrote this review because I believe in this service. The value of ReadItFor.Me far out-ways the cost. And the discount I can get you just sweetens the deal. Enjoy!