What Should You Do When You're Leaving a Job or Getting Promoted? (This Will Help You Succeed!)

Enable people to do better than you ever did. The person after me has to be equipped to do better than you ever did, or you failed.

How can you do this? 1. Set a solid foundation (Clear the things that aren't part of the job that you collected over time.) 2. Teach them everything (Don't hold back, make sure they know 100% of what you knew.) 3. Get a budget increase (Go to leadership, tell them the new person needs it.)

Benefits of transitioning the way I'm mentioning in this video: 1. You're helping someone else succeed. 2. This will help you in the long run. (People will always remember what you did for them.)

Here's the main point: Help the next generation at a job succeed more than you ever did is your ultimate goal when leaving a job or getting promoted. HELP OTHER'S SUCCEED AND GO FURTHER FASTER!


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