How to mark a podcast guest or podcast host as “Previously Interviewed”

Definition: Previously Interviewed means that you and the guest/host have already recorded a podcast episode together.


Starting from your PodMatch Dashboard you can press Matches or Explore Page. You can find profiles by pressing Matches or by visiting the Explore Page, then searching and clicking on a profile.

Once you’re viewing a profile, you’ll see a list of options at the top.

Notice the second to last option says, Previously Interviewed. Click on that to begin the process.

Next, you will see a popup appear that asks you to enter the date of the prior interview recording. (This can just be your best guest, it does not need to be 100% accurate unless you’re OCD like me!)

Once you’ve entered the date, you’ll be moved to the final part of the process; this is where you leave a star rating and a review for the guest/host that you previously did an interview with. For guests, this goes on their PodMatch Profile. For hosts, it goes on Apple podcasts.

Once you finish rating your guest/host, you will be redirected to their profile but instead of the header showing all options available, you’ll see that Previously Interviewed shows up as selected.

This means this profile has been flagged in our system as previously interviewed and you’re done!

Please note: By doing this, you are earning points for yourself within PodMatch which could give you the chance to win a spot on the leaderboard that is displayed on the dashboard! Happy Matching! 🙂