Toys & Tech of the Trade

Alex Sanfilippo guesting on The Toys & Tech of the Trade Podcast

In this week’s episode of Toys & Tech of the Trade, Rich sits down with content creator, podcaster, and founder of PodMatch Alex Sanfilippo. What is PodMatch? PodMatch is a service that connects podcasters with potential guests using tactics similar to the dating apps of today and factors details such as compatibility, availability, and other pertinent information. PodMatch leverages an algorithm to connect you with ideal guests or hosts/podcasts.

Alex truly embodies the hustler’s mindset. From starting a golf ball resale business as a kid to running rental properties as a teenager to following in his father’s footsteps into the aerospace industry. This talented founder embraced the grind and his business acumen to start his Creating a Brand podcast and, of course, PodMatch plus the Daily PS blog as well. Rich and Alex dig into those stories, and of course, the tech and the toys the came along the way.

If you’re looking for an excellent service to get guests for your podcast or for you to make the podcast rounds, definitely PodMatch is a shot.

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