Tips to Thrive in Finding Perfect Guests for Your Podcast

Alex Sanfilippo on Organized Sound Productions

When it comes to finding the right guest to be on your show, you have to do the legwork of research to see how they fit into your podcast sphere. Who is this person? What do they have to say? And what is their experience and knowledge that they’re going to bring to the table for your listener?

Today’s episode is going to highlight some really important aspects of how finding “good” guests is integral to your show. Joining me today is the host of Podcasting Made Simple and the founder of, Alex Sanfilippo. He shares some insightful insights from his journey in podcasting as a host and professionally as well in the podcasting space.

Tune in to hear about:

How to evaluate your audience and hone in on your ideal listener.
The importance of having a strong “why” before starting your podcast.
Alex’s exact pitching process landing him A-list authors to be guests on his podcast.

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