Intentionality: Discover The Value Within

Alex Sanfilippo guesting on the Light Inside

Intention is one of the most powerful forces we can experience. Nothing in the universe exists without intention. What you mean when you do a thing- your intention, will always play a powerful role in determining the outcome of your actions.

The quality and commitment of your intention- your forethought, becomes the planning which guides your actions.

In this episode, we focus on exploring the virtues of slowing down, Digging in., And being aware of the values that shape and form our intentions. We discover how aligning within our values allows us to focus on what is of most meaning to us while being of value and service in the world around us.

Joining us in this conversation is Alex Sanfilippo, of Creating A Brand and founder of a podcast matching and booking solution for both guests and hosts, As we look at becoming more effective at creating a happy, purposeful life guided by intention and meaning.

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