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Alex Sanfilippo on Be Bold Begin with Christina Barsi

Today we are celebrating over 100 episodes! Technically this is the 189th episode that we’re creating for Be Bold Begin but because we’ve done so many bonuses this one will be numbered as number 100. So with that said, I’ve been reflecting on not only my journey with this podcast but my growth journey as a whole since I began the show back in March of 2018.

For this special episode, I put together a short compilation that spans the journey (and I’m sure you can hear the difference in my voice from the early episodes compared to the ones that come later) but I wanted to choose ones that emphasized our main pillars that I believe are at the core of transformation: Small Steps, Intuition, Self-Kindness, Gratitude, and Creativity. I hope you enjoy this fun 100th episode of Be Bold Begin.

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