Do you leverage togetherness to grow your business?

Alex Sanfilippo guesting on The Winning at Business and Life Podcast

Question number four, other than the generic work harder, have a great attitude, and care for customers, what advice would you give to other business leaders?

So what I’d say is business advice that I give to other leaders is actually from a quote by Helen Keller, and she says alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. And the reason I find this to be so important is that when we’re looking at this next generation that’s coming up Gen Z, they’re starting to become the primary customer like the consumer, there’ll be everyone starting to market to when we find these when everyone starts marketing to this new demographic the rest of the world kind of follows suit with their personalities and we kind of adopt and adapt to what they’re doing. And the reason I bring that up is that we’re finding Gen Z is actually very very driven by purpose by collaboration by community by togetherness if that’s a word at this point. But I say that because they’re looking at the world in the sense of we want to be together. We want to be unified we want to break barriers that have never been broken before, and a lot of companies are more so focused on supplying a solution to that one customer or just helping that one person which can be good but at the same time, it can really harm us, when we’re not thinking about how we can drive things through community. And now a lot of businesses might say well I’m business to business but in the day, we’re all human, human we’re H2H not B2B And as long as you can find a way to bring people together around what you’re doing you’re to find this next generation will be much more interested in working with you because I can see that you know what this is affecting my community what I care about it makes me part of something bigger than just myself, so I think it’s really important we all start thinking again about this Helen Keller quote alone we can do so little together we can do so much if we want our businesses to grow in the future. I think we need to be focused more on how can we make this something together, and more collaborative. So my advice would just be to set up an initiative within your company to see how you can get involved in serving the community, even it has nothing to do with your business or find a way that you can bring people together and actually make sure that you’re listening to those clients and finding out ways that you can be involved in their lives and the lives of the people that they care about.

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