Dear Podcaster,

Alex and Alecia Sanfilippo are asking 4,000 podcast hosts and guests to help them design a new software solution for the podcasting world. If you're here, it's because you're one of the 4,000 that they've asked. 🙏

As a thank you, they have 2 gifts they're giving you. 🎁

What we need from you:

We're creating a list of tags that describe and define your skills/expertise as a podcast guest and (or) the tags that best describe the skills/expertise of your ideal guest(s) for your podcast. All you need to do is fill out the form below, it takes 2-3 minutes.

We have 2 gifts for you:

➤ #1. An immediate free invitation to our premium podcast host/guest network. ($359.88/year value!)

➤ #2. A future free invitation beta of a new software that is going to help your podcast succeed ($600.00/year value!)


👉 To recap: we'll give you $959.88 worth of podcasting products for 2-3 minutes of your time. Sounds like a deal, right? Are you ready to get started? (See below)

Which are you?

Podcast Host

"I am the host of a podcast where I am searching for ideal guests to interview."

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Podcast Guest

"I am seeking to be a guest on the right podcasts where I can share my expertise."

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I'm Both

"I have my own podcast, but I am also a guest on other people's podcasts."

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Personal Note from Alex:

"Thank you for taking the time to help my wife and I on this mission to better serve you, the podcasting industry. You've given us so much and we're wanting to return the favor by adding value through what we're creating!"

- Alex Sanfilippo