If you are selling a service or product, writing blog posts for your website is not your primary focus. I mean, the goal is to sell services or products, right? Right. But, you are missing out on a huge organic marketing opportunity by not utilizing your website’s blog. You see, blogging can organically grow your brand for you. Let me explain and add some credibility to this theory.

My wife owns an online women’s clothing boutique; she grew organically very quick from day one. A year later I began encouraging her to launch a blog within her website. She decided to give it a shot.

As we kept an eye on the analytics around blog posts, we found the results to be very positive! Each blog post brought an average of 66% additional traffic to the her website. Many of the visitors didn’t only click that one blog post, they also went on to shop! She continued to blog and found the results continued to grow her brand.

I have seen the same thing happen on many other websites that I manage or do consulting for. This is a very real example that I wanted to share. Let’s look at 5 ways that blogging can organically grow your brand.

5 ways that blogging can organically grow your brand:

#1. Blogging brings a different type of shopper to your website.

As mentioned in my example of my wife’s online business; you’ll get more views to your website by having something different/unique on your website. A blog will cause people to come to your website that may not be planning on purchasing anything, but could become customers!

#2. Blogging allows you to share more original content.

What are you passionate about in relation to your product or service? If you, like my example above have a website that sells clothes, your blog can contain posts about fashion, style, makeup, really anything in relation to clothing. This wouldn’t fit anywhere else on your product website, but you do have the outlet of a blog!

#3. Blogging adds value to your product(s) or service(s).

Blogging gives you the opportunity to create content about individual products or services. By doing this, you create credibility toward the products you’re selling and the brand behind them. I’ve always found this to be very effective! If you write about your product and keep the focus on explaining something about the product instead of selling the product, you’ll earn more readership.

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#4. Blogging keeps your website from becoming static.

I find that many websites end up becoming unintentionally static. This can happen for many reasons, one of the main reasons being, the product/service don’t change often; so, the website always looks the same. By implementing a blog, you then have additional content to share on your home page.

#5. Blogging enables you to get feedback from your customers and potential customers.

From the analytics alone, you can tell if people liked your blog post. Here are some specifics to look at:
A. How many additional visits did you have to your website?
B. How many people shared the blog post?
C. How many people clicked on an additional page after reading the post?
D. How many people left comments on social and on the actual post and what are the comments saying?

I firmly believe these 5 points will organically grow your brand in a way you’ve never seen it grow before! If you’ve found this to be true, let’s talk about it on Facebook! (Link below)