We live in a world that is full of more uncertainty and fear than ever before. It’s times like these where each of will have our character put to the test both personally and professionally. How we respond is what makes all the difference. In this episode, our guest Steve Gutzler shares 3 big ideas that will help us all gain more clarity and confidence.

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Leading in The Midst of Uncertainty with Steve Gutzler:

Steve Gutzler and his co-author wrote and published this book in 90 days! They started when the government shut Washington State down at the beginning of the pandemic! What a perfect time to write a book about this!

The book covers 7 – 3 degree (small) shifts that leaders can make to create confidence and clarity in 90 days! We are going to cover 3 of these shifts.

Shift 1 – From Victim to Leader ?‍??‍?

This is the foundational shift. We aren’t talking about true victimhood here, we are talking about victim as in negative self-talk, pity parties, and cynicism.
We all have things that we need to reset out mind and say that we are survivors and not a victim. We need to change our mindset, our self-talk, and the words that come out of our mouth.

How can you begin to make this shift in our minds?

– Be intentional with the words that you eliminate. I don’t use words like old or tired. I wake up in the morning and say I am healthy and strong. I don’t talk about things that are impossible or difficult. I re-frame it. The inputs are huge! I only put positive inputs in my mind!
– Instead of I can’t say I can
– Instead of If only say I will

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Shift 3 – From Black and White to High Definition ?

The difference between a black and white tv to a high definition tv the difference is night and day!
This is where we zero in on clarity. You have to create what you want in your mind and then remove everything that says that you can’t do it.

“Vision is a clear picture of the future which creates passion in the present.” – Steve Gutzler

How have you been able to form the clarity around what you wanted?

Steve Gutzler knew he was passionate about leadership. As a boy, he was forming a football team and ran practices. He looks back and can see the passion he had for leading and influencing others.
Clarity has to be connected to your giftings and your passions.

Shift 5 – From Activity to Accomplishment ?

Just because you are busy it doesn’t mean that you are working on your Most Valuable and Profitable (MVP) work.
Get away from mindless activities and doing expense reports or social media. Your day should be built around accomplishing goals. Sometimes you have to let go of the good and focus on the great!

Steve Gutzler’s final thought: ?

Don’t underestimate a 3-degree shift in your vocabulary, in your clarity and vision, in moving from activity to accomplishment.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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What uncertainties have held you back from succeeding more in life and business?