Income Report


We are going to begin sharing how we're making our revenue. This level of transparency is so we can show you what we're doing that's working vs. not working. At Creating a Brand we seek to add value, this is going to be another way for us to benefit YOU.

Company Timeline

Awards and Achievements
August 2019

Within 2 weeks the Creating a Brand Podcast reached top 100 business podcasts. By week 6 we reached top 30 entrepreneurship podcast. Overall ranked as the 790th most popular podcast out of the 1 million plus on Apple! We held a spot on New & Noteworthy in multiple categories (Business and Education) for the entire 8 weeks that podcasts are eligible to rank here.

Community and Podcast Launch
July 2019

The official launch date of the Creating a Brand Podcast was July 2nd 2019! At the same time we opened up the community to the world! This is the day that we official became a company that was built and ready to scale!

Completed Recording (Season One)
May 2019

Completed recording the first season of the Creating a Brand Podcast. The audio files are being edited and are on time to launch on our target date of 06/18/2019.

Soft Launch of the Community
April 2019

In April 2019 we did a soft launch of the community. The official "grand opening" and advertisements will begin when the Creating a Brand Podcast launches.

Launched Community Beta
March 2019

Added 20 people to the social media platform, for testing purposes. Made adjustments over 2 months to maximize the effectiveness of the community.

Purchased Toolkit
February 2019

Social media platform, podcasting gear, various tools for administration and content management.

Formed Company (LLC)
January 2019

Developed the income model, created website, registered LLC, created company branding, misc. administrative tasks.