We’re all looking for ways to grow our traffic and convert more sales. (That’s what business is all about!) Well, Neil Patel (The world’s top marketer/SEO expert) recently shared a blog post containing 28 hacks for growing your traffic and sales. I found extremely helpful, so much so that I wanted to share the best parts with you.

In his post, Neil talked about how growing your LinkedIn following begins with posting more videos. This is really easy and applying this can help you drive additional traffic and sales. Here is what Neil said on this topic:

If you want to get the most attention from LinkedIn, upload videos instead of text-based content. Videos on LinkedIn get 2 to 3 times more engagement than text.

So, if you want more traffic from LinkedIn, upload videos.

And if you want more traffic from any social network, look to see what type of content they are lacking. If you provide them with that type of content, you’ll notice that your traffic will go up.

 – Neil Patel (From his post: https://neilpatel.com/blog/marketing-hacks)

I’ve seen this working a lot in 2019. There are few people that I follow that are crushing it more than anyone else on my LinkedIn. They ONLY post videos, no pictures, no text. Clearly it’s what people are looking for. My advise, keep the videos short. People on LinkedIn are typically busier than people on other social media outlets.