It may sound weird, but I appreciate it when big companies (or small companies) make mistakes; here’s why I say that.

When a large organization or one that is very professional sends an email that has the wrong day of the week on it, or they send a link that doesn’t work, then have to send a correction, or say “hey girl” when I’m a “hey bro” I always smile.

I know that many people respond harshly and say, “It’s Saturday, not Friday, you douche!”

All due respect, people who respond harshly like that have a wrong perspective of what’s actually happening.

What’s happening is we’re being reminded that there is a human behind these big businesses.

Humans make mistakes; we’re all flawed.

Small companies and big companies all have one thing in common, at the end of the day, a human is signing off on something, which means mistakes are going to happen.

I personally sit back and smile when this happens, and if you don’t, I want to challenge you to change your perspective.

My Challenge to You Today:

Show some grace and remember how great it is that all of us are humans that are all works in progress. Be thankful for the human element involved in business and in the digital world, and be thankful for little mistakes, just as people have had grace for you when you’ve done something wrong.

So with that said, I hope you’ve really enjoyed reading this today, Tiffany! Thanks for reading. (I know your name isn’t Tiffany. Calm down.)

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P.S. If you’re the angry, bitter person who responds harshly to the mistakes of others or when you receive an email that you didn’t want, you need to change if you want to enjoy your life. I don’t mean to fight fire with fire, but try smiling, it goes a long way, and it’ll lower your blood pressure. Seriously, calm down.