Ready to start video marketing? Learn how to create the ideal video and the five videos every brand needs from Keri Murphy.

How to Use Video to Grow Your Brand with Keri Murphy

In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Keri Murphy on using videos to grow your brand!

How do you get started sharing yourself in a video? ?

Things you need to think about before you make your video:
– What’s in it for the viewer/consumer?
– Why are you sharing this story?
– How does it contribute to the life of your viewer?
– How has what you’re speaking about made you the person that you are today?
– What did you learn from that story that you can share with other people to make a difference?

Share once you are through the mess, not while you’re in the mess. Be clear and share from a place of perspective and a disassociated emotional state.

How important is it for us to be transparent when sharing our story? ? ?

Being vulnerable can be hard. Most people do not share their fears or struggles. Vulnerability creates a real connection between you and the people watching your content.  “Vulnerability is the heart in which people can see themselves through you”.

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5 types of video

1. Positioning Video – On the homepage of your website, with no need to scroll. A 90-second video that tells your customer exactly who are you and what you do. This should be high quality.

2. Personality Video – People don’t want to see polished curated content.
People want the behind the scenes, real-life vulnerable videos. Don’t worry about structure, have fun!

3. Product Video – Online weekly content. Weekly blog content, Spotlight interview.

4. Promotional Video

  • Opt-in pages, lead pages, website pages, thank you pages – convert over 70% better with a video!
  • People remember 95% of what they see in a video vs. 10% of what they read in text!

5. Proof Video – Social Proof. Get someone who worked with you to make a testimonial video.

Don’t wait for the perfect time or to have better equipment! Just Do It!

About Keri Murphy:

Keri Murphy is the CEO and found of Inspired Living, where she and her team help entrepreneurs become go-to experts in their field and build influential brands through on-camera training, business strategy, media, and marketing planning. As an international speaker, media expert, and business mentor, Keri Murphy is committed to helping others to create and thrive at a business they love and teaches them how to authentically connect and convert their ideal clients using video in particular.

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