Ready to start video marketing? Learn how to create the ideal video and the five videos every brand needs.

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How to Use Video to Grow Your Brand

How do you get started sharing yourself in a video? 📹

Things you need to think about before you make your video:
– What’s in it for the viewer/consumer?
– Why are you sharing this story?
– How does it contribute to the life of your viewer?
– How has what you’re speaking about made you the person that you are today?
– What did you learn from that story that you can share with other people to make a difference?

Share once you are through the mess, not while you’re in the mess. Be clear and share from a place of perspective and a disassociated emotional state.

How important is it for us to be transparent when sharing our story? 👩 👨

Being vulnerable can be hard. Most people do not share their fears or struggles. Vulnerability creates a real connection between you and the people watching your content.  “Vulnerability is the heart in which people can see themselves through you”.

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5 types of video

1. Positioning Video – On the homepage of your website, with no need to scroll. A 90-second video that tells your customer exactly who are you and what you do. This should be high quality.

2. Personality Video – People don’t want to see polished curated content.
People want the behind the scenes, real-life vulnerable videos. Don’t worry about structure, have fun!

3. Product Video – Online weekly content. Weekly blog content, Spotlight interview.

4. Promotional Video

  • Opt-in pages, lead pages, website pages, thank you pages – convert over 70% better with a video!
  • People remember 95% of what they see in a video vs. 10% of what they read in text!

5. Proof Video – Social Proof. Get someone who worked with you to make a testimonial video.

Don’t wait for the perfect time or to have better equipment! Just Do It!

About Keri Murphy:

Keri is the CEO and found of Inspired Living, where she and her team help entrepreneurs become go-to experts in their field and build influential brands through on-camera training, business strategy, media, and marketing planning. As an international speaker, media expert, and business mentor, Keri is committed to helping others to create and thrive at a business they love and teaches them how to authentically connect and convert their ideal clients using video in particular.

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