How to start your own business: The first 21 steps you need to take.

1. Write your mission/purpose (timing)

What are you doing and why are you doing it? These are questions you have to answer before taking any additional steps.

2. Set your realistic, specific goals (execute at a high level)

How will you achieve this mission?

3. Create your product/service (minimal viable thing) —- concept > Design > Release

4. Get feedback/seek counsel or coaching

5. Write your content/copy and (create something free)

6. Develop your company name

7. Buy your domain
8. File your business with gov
9. Set up a bank account (create a budget)
10. Create your branding (use canva)
11. Seek legal counsel and get a CPA
12. Build your website (Use your content)
13. Apply the story brand framework to all of your messaging (get clear on what you do!)
14. Create an email list and browser subscribe
15. Get your tools set up** - coaching/consulting (calendly) - physical product (Shopify) - digital product (easy digital downloads) - online course (teachable) - online community (mighty networks) - in person travel service (calendly) - in person physical location (google business) - affiliate business
16. Sell your product/service
17. Build out and schedule social content - start a blog - podcast - help on Quora - etc. - focus on what drives business. Not what’s fun!
18. Focus on continuous improvement
19. Build a flywheel
20. Create systems
21. Refine, focus, gain clarity, get stuff done