Do you want to start a business that makes money? Or do you want to make more money with your business? I believe you’d answer this question the same way I do, which is YES. Dane Maxwell explains how we can achieve this.

How Dane Maxwell Starts a Business That Makes Money:

In this episode Alex is talking to Dane Maxwell on how to start a business that makes money! Dane started out with less than $200 in his bank account and now how multiple successful businesses! Dane started the interview by telling us that “The day I began to succeed was the day I became completely honest with myself.” ?

He went on to say “You have to be vulnerable and often the outcome is out of your control. There are thousands of micro-decisions you will have to make for your business. The most successful people really understand people, they are vulnerable and ask questions and understand what people want. You can get really rich if you do entrepreneurship right.”

“it’s not the idea that you have that makes you successful it is your ability to listen serve and adapt to market needs.”

What is your first step to starting a business? ☝

Make your customer everyone in front of you. Start asking about people about their problems. “Tell me what has been some of the problems you’ve come up against in the last year?”

I spoke to 5 people who said they were having a hard time with focus. So, I went out and found an expert in focus and we started a business where he teaches people how to focus and I run the business. We split the profits 20/80.

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The basis of any business is that you have a customer and they want a result. Our job is to build the mechanism that gets the result to the customer as quickly and effectively as possible.

You don’t need to know everything or have all the answers, you simply need to know where/how to get things done and where to find the right people to help support what you are doing.

Dane’s Final Thought:

Ask yourself what do I really think of myself? Notice that no matter what you think of yourself (your insecurities) notice they are all just thoughts. And when you can hold those thoughts and know they are very real thoughts but not true, you’ll start to taste this freedom that is so exquisite. The reason you will start tasting that freedom is because Freedom is not something that you have to obtain or create. Freedom is who we are, we’ve just forgotten. Once you awaken to this you won’t seek the approval of your friends, customers, or even your partners. You’ll live in a state of expression that is so self-affirming that will feel so good that you won’t care. And that state is a place that you can now broadcast your voice into the business world with! ?

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