Since COVID-19, Instagram has really started growing in popularity once again. It has been for years. For many businesses, Instagram has become the social media platform that yields the highest ROI on advertisements and has the highest customer engagement rate. Plus, Instagram is the social media platform that people spend the most time on. Because of this, it’s essential to talk about getting more Instagram followers the right way. This post is about how to use Instagram growth agencies the right way. This is also my official Stellation Media Review. (This is the best Instagram growth agency!)

Before we get too far into this, I wanted to let you know, as a partner with Stellation Media and by offering this review, I am able to get you 5 days to test the service for free! You don’t even need to enter a credit card. Click here to skip straight to it.

“Getting more Instagram followers through growth agencies, you say? Isn’t that spamming?!” No, it’s not.

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It’s 2019 people! Using a growth agency to start getting more Instagram followers is the way of the future for brands that want to increase their exposure. It’s gotten a bad rap over the years, but it’s time to start seeing these Instagram growth agencies for what they have evolved into, and the value they add. (And what’s that, you ask?)

Growth agencies serve as strategic partners for your brand to get more Instagram followers. For that reason, I wanted to share my review of my favorite, Stellation Media.

Please hear me out! Who has time to develop a brand while managing Instagram growth? Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for creating original content; that’s how you create an authentic social profile that people want to follow. At Creating a Brand, we develop original content then share it via automation services. (Check out this post on that topic ‘How to Automate Your Social Media‘)

Back to my question, who has time to develop their brand while managing Instagram growth? What I don’t want to do is go through pictures to leave comments and likes on them. I don’t want to spend time searching for potential customers. I want to get a team built around Creating a Brand to do this so I can focus on what matters, developing my brand. The best utilization of my time is spent growing the PodMatch Community– So that’s what I need to spend the majority of my time doing, not liking, commenting, and following accounts on Instagram.

The intentionality of time and resources is vital for creating a successful brand.

Here’s my point. It’s 2019; everyone that’s serious about creating a brand needs to consider investing in an Instagram growth agency. It’s time we all stop wasting so much time on social media, especially Instagram. (Check your screen time app, how much time do you spend on Instagram every day?)

We want to help you start getting more Instagram followers the right way.

The Creating a Brand team tested and evaluated 50 Instagram growth agencies to provide you with a list of potential partners for getting more Instagram followers for your account. We kept a very detailed spreadsheet with all the information about each company. We documented everything we could. Including analytics at the start and end of using each company and follower retention. We are serious about finding the best options available in the industry.


Ready to start getting more Instagram followers? Check your metrics within the app!

Here’s the deal, many of the Instagram growth agencies we evaluated are the reason this type of service has had a bad rap in the past. We did find an excellent option worth mentioning in this blog post.

“What about the other 49 Instagram growth agencies?” I’m glad you asked.

We found that many of them had problems. We’ll cover them all here without listing each agency individually. If you want more details, including company names, we can chat about that in the PodMatch Community. (Which you need to join if you haven’t already!) Here are the problems we found with the 49 Instagram growth agencies that we’re not listing.

A. The “credit card required” trick.

We found that most Instagram growth agencies have generous trial periods, some up to 14 days. (The average is five days.)

However, most of these “free trials” require that you enter your credit card information before starting. That’s a red flag. We found that the majority of these agencies bill you immediately, and some even steal your credit card information. (Please be careful!) Here’s a good rule to follow: If a free trial requires your credit card information, it isn’t a free trial.

B. Scams

Some agencies are flat out scams. They have fake reviews on Google and lots of followers on Instagram. Their mission is to steal your Instagram account. We almost lost ours, but we ended up recovering our Instagram account; don’t worry. 🙂

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I know, Granny. We hope that the prince is okay too.

C. 100% bot driven, even when it says it’s not.

This is the big one. Many of these agencies have excellent reviews. That’s because traditionally, people who have used Instagram growth agencies are wanting significant increases in the number of followers, not quality followers. (Remember, it’s always about quality, not quantity.) Just because one of these companies was able to gain us an additional 100 followers in a day, doesn’t mean they were beneficial followers. If none of those new followers converted into paying customers, what was the point?

Having a lot of Instagram followers and likes doesn’t mean you have a successful account. Anyone can work toward getting more Instagram followers – It’s the quality that counts.

Bots aren’t all bad, but most are overly aggressive. There were a couple of companies that we had to log in and cancel our account because they were liking and commenting so much that we thought that our Instagram account was going to get banned.

Be careful of the following when getting more Instagram followers:

  • Bots that hang out with the “like for like, follow for follow” family.
  • Bots that follow inappropriate accounts. (You can tell that this is happening if you see a rise in pornographic DMs.)
  • Outdated algorithms. If they are liking pictures, from specific hashtags, and not taking any other variables into account, it’s an obsolete bot. This will get your account banned quickly.

Here’s the deal, we repeatedly saw everything we just mentioned while testing and researching Instagram growth agencies. Honestly, it was a painful experience. However, we believe it was necessary to filter through so many different Instagram growth agencies to find the following company that we’re proud to share with you today!

Before sharing the growth agency that’s going to help you start getting more Instagram followers, here are four other growth agencies that were great second through fifth-place options. Socivy, Upleap, SproutSocial, and Social Captain. There pricing ranged from as little as $22.00/mo to $249.00/mo depending on the package you wanted to sign up for with them or whether you decide to pay monthly or for a full year.

Here is Creating a Brand’s recommended (top pick) growth agency to begin working with to help you start getting more Instagram followers quickly: Stellation Media!

How to Quickly Get More Instagram Followers [Stellation Media Review]

Stellation Media

Stellation Media Review:

As soon as we signed up, we received an email from the Stellation Media staff asking us a list of questions about our goals for our Instagram account. Shortly after, Stellation’s CEO, Derek, went on to tell us what we should expect from their service. We loved that they set the expectation. They told us not to be unrealistic because the followers would be real. That’s what we wanted!

Out of every company we evaluated, the follower retention was the strongest with Stellation Media.

Stellation has two separate pricing plans Instagram Growth and Instagram Growth & Likes. The plans range from $50.00/mo to $199.00/mo. From our experience, we can tell you that you will get your money’s worth, no matter which plan you choose. Derek and his team are incredible. You’ll be happy you partnered with Stellation Media as your Instagram growth agency! (We certainly are.)

Stellation Media is our #1 pick for Instagram Growth Agencies. I trust that Derek and his team will take care of you, just like they’re taking care of Creating a Brand moving forward. Consider this Creating a Brand’s official Stellation Media review!

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Getting more Instagram followers for your brand is essential. However, more importantly, is the quality of those followers. Get the quality followers you need with help from a growth agency!