Many entrepreneurs skip setting up the legal side of their businesses which is a huge mistake. Here’s Salma Benkabbou showing us how to protect our brands from a legal perspective!

How to Protect Your Brand – Legal Advice from Business Lawyer Salma Benkabbou

How much time have you spent focused on the legal side of your brand? ?‍⚖️ Most people answer the same way, not much or not at all. I speak from experience; this can cause serious problems for you in the future if you don’t start off on the right foot from a legal perspective.

If you want to learn how to protect your brand, this episode is for you! Salma Benkabbou answered a list of questions that many of us have when creating our brands. Here’s a list of some of the questions that Salma and Alex covered.

  • When should someone begin focusing on legal aspects of running a business?
  • What if they are planning on creating a product but are just getting started?
  • How about when someone is just doing a personal blog, any recommendations for them?
  • What if someone’s business starts taking off and they are hiring staff, what should they do?

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  • How much should someone be paying for legal services?
  • Can someone draft legal documents themselves?
  • What about these online services that create legal documentation for you that’s really cheap?

No matter what you’re doing, start with a business plan. It’s important for your focus and the legal side of running your business. ?‍?

About Salma Benkabbou

Salma Benkabbou is the Millennial Business Lawyer™. Salma is the founder of her downtown boutique law firm, The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC, where she Helps Entrepreneurs Protect their Creative Greatness™ through legal preventative measures. Her ability to help her clients strategize from a business perspective while protecting their ventures from a legal perspective has made her invaluable to her clients.

Salma is a licensed attorney in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida. She prides herself on being a trusted resource to her clients and to her community. She is a certified SCORE Mentor at the Tampa Chapter, a Subject Matter Expert for Operation Start-Up on business law and intellectual property. You can always find her educating entrepreneurs on the importance of protecting their business either online, as a panelist or via workshops in the community.

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