Have you ever wanted to meet your hero? There is a system and strategy for connecting with the people that we look up to the most. In this episode, Travis Chappell; (Host of Build your Network and World Class) shares his effective 5-step framework for meeting your hero.

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How to Meet Your Hero with Travis Chappell:

Travis Chappell starts off our interview by explaining why he wrote the book:

When I started my podcast, my goal was to always have good content. At the beginning of starting anything, you are starting from scratch and not great. I kept going back to a quote from Steven Martin.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

The only way I knew how to get really good content on my show was to get really good people on the show. My show was in the self-help loop on how to network. Within a year I was able to get some really heavy hitters on my show.
The number 1 question I kept getting was how did you get so and so on your show? I then created a free course for my audience that showed my reach out process for when I’m trying to get a high-level guest on my show. When I was running my first event, I wanted to do a book signing but I didn’t have a book. So, I transcribed the course material and hired a ghostwriter, and created the book “Meet Your Hero”.

Book overview:

Build your list
Build your request
Reach out to your list
5 elements of an effective message
Fruitful follow up

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Build your list:

This can be the most important part of the entire process because people typically leave their network up to chance. Everyone thinks that networking is important but most people are not purposefully building a network in an area they are trying to be successful in.

Build your request:

Think through this person’s perspective and think about why they would want to speak with you. If you don’t have a real reason to be reaching out to these people, then they probably are not going to say yes. Especially if the ask is too big. You need some type of platform. i.e.: podcast, YouTube channel, etc.

Reach out to your list:

Take action and reach out. Don’t just use one platform like your email, search for them on social media, monitor which platform they are most active on and send them a message. Don’t forget to follow up! Some people will take months or years to get a yes from. So be persistent and professional in your follow ups!

5 elements of an effective message:

1. Lead with value. When you reach out to someone, you want them to feel some sort of significance or good feeling from the interaction. Always lead with something that will give them value in the form of a compliment or mention some of their content and how it affected you. – Never fake it! Know what you are talking about. Make it personal.

2. Give information. Keep your message short but make sure you tell them something about yourself. You can always send a hyperlink with more information about you, so they can see more if they want to.

3. Meaningful request. If you have a platform, the request of having them on your platform makes it more meaningful.

4. Offer credibility. You are adding to their request/task list. If you just give a punch in the face of credibility, it takes a lot of the guess work out. They see your credibility and it’s enough for them to say yes.

5. Thanks in advance. Always leave a note saying thank you in advance, I know you are super busy, and I appreciate your time.

Travis Chappell’s final thought:

“There is a big difference between being pushy persistent and professionally persistent. One gets your results and the other gets you blocked!”

After my initial contact, I wait a few days, after that a week and after that one 2-3 weeks and then once every 4-6 weeks or so. I just want to stay in their email box and I always stay in the same email chain so they can see how persistent I am.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

▶ Travis’ website: TravisChappell.com
▶ Read the book: Meet Your Hero