In addition to writing on Creating a Brand’s blog, I am also active on DailyPS‘ blog. Today DailyPS published an article I wrote titled, ‘How to Live a Life That is Proactive Instead of Reactive.’ I wanted to share it with the Creating a Brand audience as well.

Do you feel like you’re stuck or not making progress in life? You’re not alone, AND there is a solution! It’s living a life that is proactive instead of reactive.

“Living a reactive life means that you change when life forces you to. However, living a proactive life means that life changes when you force it to. The choice is yours!” – Alex Sanfilippo

I share 5 main points for living a proactive life:

  • Know Your Why
  • Set Big Goals
  • Embrace Discomfort
  • Get Organized
  • Scheduled Reviews

This blog post is really going to help you succeed in 2019! Take a few minutes to read it.

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