How to Review a Podcast from Your iPhone or iPad

PLEASE NOTE: You can only leave a review if you have an iPhone or iPad with the Apple Podcast App installed.


One alternative method for leading a review on a podcast view Apple: If you do not have an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you can download iTunes ( — If that’s the route you want to take, please download it and try leaving a review on a podcast (Try your own podcast!)

8 steps for leaving a podcast review in the Apple Podcast App:

#1. Launch Apple’s Podcast app. If you received an email from PodMatch with a link directly to the podcast, click that link, then skip to step #5 below.

#2. Tap the Search tab in the lower right corner of the screen.

#3. Enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review. Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right, or tap the podcast name in the drop-down list.

#4. Tap the album art for the podcast.

#5. Now that you’re on the profile for the specific podcast you want to review, scroll down just below the Ratings & Review section. (It’s just above the ‘You Might Also Like’ section.)

NOTE: You may have to stroll for a while if the podcast has a lot of episodes.

#6. Then press the text that says Write a Review.

NOTE: If you’re not already signed into an Apple/iTunes account, you will be asked to enter your iTunes password to log in.

#7. Leave a star rating at the top, title it, then write your review.

#8. Lastly, tap Send, and you’re done.

This means a lot!

Thank you for supporting podcast hosts by leaving reviews on Apple! It helps the show rank higher and provides great encouragement to a host to continue producing great content! THANK YOU!