When you have an idea for a business, product, or service, do you ask good questions for your potential customers? Most of us ask the wrong questions completely. Today’s guest is Rob Fitzpatrick; he is the founder of Write Useful Books, an online community and software that helps aspiring authors get their books done. He is also the author of the book titled, The Mom Test. In this episode, Rob teaches us how to ask questions so good, that your mom couldn’t even lie to you by giving you answers to make you feel supported. (Which is the job of a mom, of course!) The point is to ask questions that help you further develop your business, product, or service – and Rob explains that there is a specific way to do this. Here is my conversation with Rob Fitzpatrick!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

▶ Get a copy of The Mom Test
▶ Visit Rob’s Website
▶ Check out how to Write Useful Books
▶ Interview Rob on your podcast, here.
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