Are you busy? Simple question, I know. But almost anyone would immediately respond by saying yes. The problem is this, when we’re busy, it’s nearly impossible to grow our businesses, busyness can be a trap that can keep us from making progress at all. In this episode I talk with Kate Erickson, she has built a 7 figure, high-profit business with a small staff called Entrepreneurs on Fire. And she doesn’t work 24/7!

In addition to running Entrepreneurs on Fire along with John Lee Dumas, she is also the host of the podcast titled, Ditch Busy. After listening to her podcast, not only do I highly recommend it, but I also realized that she would be an ideal guest to talk to us about how we can begin to ditch busy so we can grow our business.

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How to Ditch Being Busy so You Can Grow Your Business with Kate Erickson:

Kate Erickson starts our conversation off by talking about Time Control. Time control is not a one and done thing. It is a lifestyle change. It’s about having great time management skills in every area of your life, not just in business.

Do you find that our mindset is the first issue to overcome?

It is a huge part of it. Busyness doesn’t always mean that you are getting a lot done and achieving your goals. But sometimes we are so busy, and we don’t take the time out to figure out what our goals are and create a way to reach your goals. Recognize what you can be working on right now what will actually help you accomplish your goals.

How do you pull yourself away from the busyness and actually sit down to evaluate your goals?

It is so simple, but we very rarely actually take the time to do it. You have to schedule the time to sit down and actually write down what your goals are. We think about and envision our goals but putting pen to paper and creating SMART goals will help you succeed. This is where it starts!
SMART Goals:

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Do you find that people struggle to prioritize what they should do next?

Yes, 100% of the time. Even myself. Sometimes I find myself putting something before the most important thing I should be doing. The next right step is not always clear. If it’s not clear and you can’t decide what to do next, just choose one and move! Action will reveal answers, a day or an hour later you might realize that one of the other items is more important.

“Sometimes it’s just about starting!”

How are you able to manage your email and keep the busy work from stealing your time?

I set a timer; I don’t allow myself to go into my inbox without setting a timer. It helps me stay on top of it and holds me accountable. The time length will look different depending on each person’s commitment. Personally, I never check my email first thing in the morning. I don’t want to use my highest productivity and focused time on checking my email. I start with the most difficult thing I need to do each day. Once I accomplish that first big thing, I will check my email. Typically, I give myself 30 minutes. (Listen to the full episode, to hear all of Kate’s tips for managing your email. Tools: Boomerang for Gmail, canned responses, text expander.)


Kate Erickson’s final thought:

Look at your schedule and be realistic about the time you have available and how much you can accomplish in that time. Stop overloading your plate, stop saying yes to everything. Be realistic with your time and that is going to help you make a huge shift on a day to day basis!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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