Achieving balance in your life (personally and professionally) will lead to living a more fulfilled life. Jared Graybeal and Alex Sanfilippo who you how to Achieve Work-Life Balance.

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To be transparent here, I struggled with work-life balance because of this podcast. My wife is the one who brought it to my attention. Work-life balance is a struggle that the majority of us share. We can get hyper-focused on what we’re doing; which happens when we’re excited about something or have something that we want to accomplish. But here’s the deal, we need work-life balance because time does not come back. We all have 168 hours in a week.

I had to ask myself a question that you need to ask yourself as well. “What do I want to do with my time?”  

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance with Jared Graybeal and Alex Sanfilippo

Jared and I dive deep in this episode and cover the 6 points below:

#1. Practical time management ?

We defined what practical time management means and how to create a time budget. (similar to a financial budget)

We explored the idea of putting everything in your calendar because if you don’t have things written down, your time can run you instead of you running your time. If you’re thinking that you’ll remember what needs to happen, we don’t recommend that. You only have a certain amount of brain space to use every day – Don’t waste it on remembering your schedule! (Allocate your mental resource)

The simple, most significant value add that leads you to achieving work-life balance is using your calendar.

#2. Focus ?

Bill gates said that the ultimate key to his success is focus. He claims he built a multibillion-dollar business in 9 months of extreme focus. Stay narrowly focused on what you want to accomplish. Don’t just jump from opportunity to opportunity. Make sure you know where you’re going and stay the course. Sometimes focus means doing the hard work, not just the things that make you feel productive.

#3. Social Media ?

Sometimes being on social media makes us feel productive because we start getting likes and seeing people interacting with us. Interaction on social media can be a false indicator of productivity. Here’s how you can stay productive on social media:

  • Alex: Schedules his social media posts
  • Jared: Sets time blocks for sharing on social media
  • A really practical way to limit your social media, use your phone to limit the time on it.
  • Incorporate accountability. Have people call you out if you’re not staying focused.

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#4. Gratitude ?

Gratitude re-centers you. Thinking and talking about what you’re thankful for helps you stay focused on what’s important. Pull the details out of the day and be thankful for the small things. Also, express gratitude daily. Again, this brings you back to what matters most in life. (Want to know how to achieve work-life balance? Start here! You’ll notice an immediate improvement.)

#5. Spending time reflecting on your life ?

If you want to achieve work life balance quicker, learn to reflect on your day, week, month, and year.

  • Jared: Reflects on his day. He does this daily and keeps a small running list of the good and bad things that happened in his life. He audits his lists at the end of the week. Then every three months Jared does a full audit on his life where he gets away for a full day to do this.
  • Alex: Focuses on a daily checklist, but weekly is his most important reflection time. Alex uses a daily checklist, his calendar, and his journey for reflection.

#6. Gaining margin in your life ?

It’s all about building space in your life to make room for the things you love and want to achieve in your life

About Jared Graybeal:

Jared Graybeal is the CEO of Superfit Foods. One of the largest and most successful meal prep companies in the USA. Jared’s accomplishments in the Meal Prep industry are second to none.

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