Below is a comment left within the Creating a Brand Community from one of our valued members, Maxwell Ivey. Maxwell just decided to update his LinkedIn after reading one of our community exclusive posts, which you can find here. He’s already yielding big results. Here’s his comment about how one simple changed made all the difference in his LinkedIn performance.

Maxwell Ivey’s Comment:

It’s all about your attitude. Last week I updated my LinkedIn profile to include my podcast as a new position. Not long after I started getting lots of those automated replies. At first I was like oh crap this isn’t what I wanted. Then I thought “Max that is the wrong attitude to take.” So, I started sending short messages to well wishers with personal comments or questions about their businesses.

As a result of Maxwell’s one simple change, the following has happened:

  • I’ve made some new connections and revitalized some old ones.
  • I’ve found podcast guests for what’s your excuse? And the midway marketplace.
  • A former equipment sales client is referring me a friend who has lots of games for sale both electronic and midway types.
  • I even found out that my other email is bouncing when people write me there.
  • I have also found podcasts where my friends or clients might be guests.
  • And a couple cases where the host is no longer podcasting but has other interesting projects in the works.

Not much changed. Almost every first message is still one of those messages you can send on LinkedIn just by clicking the button.

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But my approach has changed and the results are encouraging. I know it’s hard to reassess things like this while they are happening. Even I had to take some time to get there.

I’m sharing in hopes that this will challenge your mindset about something that is dragging you down because of your negative feelings about the person, event, or task.

Wishing you all the best, Maxwell Ivey – The Blind Blogger

What I learned from Maxwell’s one simple change:

I wanted to share this publicly on the Creating a Brand blog because it spoke to me. It reminds me that one simple change can make all the difference in what we’re doing. In ending this short post,I want to share a quote with you: “You can change your future by changing your attitude.”

Consider the things in your life that you potentially have the wrong attitude about, consider changing them and see what positive benefits await you as well.

you can change your future by changing your attitude

How have making small tweaks/changes to your strategy helped you grow? Tell us below in the comments.