Steve Cunningham teaches us how to learn and grow more, personally, and professionally so we can succeed more.

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How Millionaires Learn, Grow and Achieve More with Steve Cunningham

The goal of reading books is not just to read the book. It’s to learn something from it. Steve Cunningham tells us that in order to learn it – You have to pull actionable steps out of the book and apply them to your life/business. Putting what you learn into ACTION is the most important part of reading and learning. Just expanding your knowledge or checking another book off a list is meaningless.
You have to learn how to unlearn what you’ve learned.

The real world doesn’t care how much you know; it cares about how much you can do. Learning is not how to pass a test, it’s to change a long-term behavior. ?


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7 stages of growth:

  • Set a goal (Any outcome goal where you want to achieve something)
  • Set a learning goal (This is a very specific goal of how you’re going to achieve step #1 above. Identify the very specific skill you want to acquire.)
  • Acquire the knowledge (Highly successful people want what they can trust, and they want it quickly)
  • Putting it into action. (You’ll fail at this if you skip the first three steps.)
  • Create a behavior (We want to do this over and over again, not just one time. It’s about changing your behavior.)
  • How do you continue this behavior in the future?
  • How do I help the people that I’m leading to achieve the same and change their long-term behavior in the future?

Wrong thinking is that you can pull 10-20 things from one book to apply to your life. This logic doesn’t work. What needs to happen is when you’re reading a book, as soon as you learn enough to start DOING, stop reading. You don’t need to master the material. You need to get something into action. Once in action, does it work? If yes, keep it going! If not, stop and read something else.

In addition, Steve went on to explain how to get other team members to learn and take initiative to improve themselves. There are very specific ways to do this if you wish to be effective.

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