Many people are familiar with SEO plugins. But, most people that I talk to do not understand what they actually do. First off, SEO stands for search engine optimization. (For anyone new, I want to make sure you’re with us!) This is an ever growing and trending topic in almost every business these days.

Whether you’re a business owner, marketing professional or website developer, we’re all hearing a lot about SEO these days.

Installing an SEO plugin is great for non-technical (and technical) individual managing a website. Having an SEO plugin is ideal.

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You can manage SEO without a plugin, but it’s a lot of work and not recommended. Even the best SEO experts use plugins. We all use it, because it saves so much time.

If you’re not using an SEO plugin, I encourage you to get one. My favorite is SEO Yoast which is big among the WordPress community.

What do SEO plugins actually do for search ranking?

Believe it or not, it doesn’t do anything magic or cause you to rank higher. It is simply a guide which tells you how your content will (likely) rank in search engines results pages. An SEO plugin does not cause you to rank higher in search engines just because you have it installed.

One thing that was recently implemented into Yoast is the ability to rank higher for your key word when you’re using synonyms of your keyword. Google has considered this to be a ranking factor for the past few years, but no SEO plugin has implemented this ranking factor; until now!

You can learn more about SEO Yoast and their recent update, here:

Keep writing excellent content and let your SEO plugins do their job of guiding you along the way to writing a content that will rank high in search engines.