Google has released a new AI called AutoML. It’s sole purpose is to build other AI programs. Google’s New AI AutoML decides what is needed and how to create it and does it by itself through loads of data and deep research. According to many industry professionals; it’s a big breakthrough and is the future!

At least this is what we’re told…

I don’t actually believe in “artificial intelligence.” Every conspiracy theorist just cringed when they read that. Let me explain why I say this:

#1. Google is hiring more and more programmers. This is the simplest way to “prove” that AI isn’t what all of us think it is. If it was truly intelligent, why do people keep having to input to tell it what to do?

#2. All machines are a product of their programming or environment. What this means is  no machine that has been programmed to do something like open a and close a door will ever do anything else. Even if it can “intelligently” find the best way to open a door, it will never pick up a gun and begin learning it.

#3. There is one key ingredient that AI is missing which cannot be replicated. This is also the answer to the question, “Could Skynet ever become real?”

Could Skynet ever be real? Google's New AI

Could Skynet ever become real?

The answer is no. Humanity and machines are lacking one ability that will hinder anything like Skynet from ever existing. It’s called the human soul. Until a doctor or scientist can physically locate “the human soul” it is impossible to replicate REAL living. Because of this, a civilization of machines in charge will never exist.

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Now with that said, people could create and program “AI” to kill humans and our species could become wiped out. Although that will never happen, it is possible. But that is not because the machines decided that it is what’s best. It would be because that is what they were directly programmed to do.

Google’s New AI called AutoML is just a machine that builds machine; still no emotion or hidden agenda. That will never change, no matter how far technology takes AI.